Reviews: Greater Works: How to Perform Miracles

Wow! Another great book from Jeff Lowe. If you are ever
"low on faith" Greater Works will have the ability to
propel you into a lifestyle of supernatural signs and
wonders. This is not just a book, a teaching or a story.
Greater Works is a profound and loaded message born
from the heart f God that is very timely and much needed
today. The Kingdom of God is at hand and if you have
ever questioned that truth, this message will remove that
doubt forever. Each word written is carefully chosen and
often carries a substance that gives us revelation on more
than one level. I recommend this "Chronicle of Faith"
everyone who wants to make the Kingdom of God a
reality in everyday life.
Martijn van Tilborgh
Martijn Tilborgh

Religion is a substitute for the Kingdom of God
Book Review by Rev. Kennedy, Kennedy E. Onyango
Kingdom Life Ministries, Mbita, Kenya.

A number of Christian thinkers are saying that the Church
has undergone a New Reformation during these past few
decades which has made our theology and false doctrines
more accessible to the unchurched world. In most
developing countries sects and cultic movements have
profound influence among the churched that it’s hard to
see the Gospel of Reconciliation taking effect. Miracles are
real and People are believing in God and miracles in this
age more than ever.

This book is an announcement that such a new wave of
Holy Spirit inspired transformation is well and truly
underway! And nothing makes the message of Christ
more accessible to the outside world than seeing it at
work in practical ways: not only changing lives one at a
time but also whole communities as Christians get
together to attack the enemy is not of playing a
defensive game. Scriptures in this book are totally
relevant, applicable and compatible to applied situations.
Thank God, the book reveals the Lord's Everlasting Truth,
and breaking forth again in His eternal power in this our
day and age.

The book contains inspiring stories from all across the US
and beyond that will move you to tears and cause your
spirit to rejoice in the knowledge of God as revealed to us
in the book of Deuteronomy 29:29.

The Lord's mighty power and word of life has been richly
and freely preached, to the gathering of many into
reconciliation with God. This book has exalted our great
God and increased His glory by documenting the produce
of the heavenly and spiritual fruits from those who have
been gathered by his eternal light, power, and spirit back
to himself...

This is a great book for people who want to increase their
faith in the Word and is filled with scripture to back up
what is being said. This is more than a good teaching, it
an impartation. It starts out with a few basics and then
accelerates into how to have dominion in your life in the
Chapters: Dominion over Time, Darkness, Distance and

There's also a very informative chapter in stumbling
blocks, or how and why some people miss out on
healings, miracles or moves of God that's also backed up
with plenty of scripture and details using various

A few faith building chapters are placed in there followed
by how to do intercession in one on one situations or
whole congregations. It's very practical and informative
on multi-levels and teaches how to prepare people to
receive healings and miracles.

The book also reveals how to get creative miracles, raise
the dead and enjoy divine health, all according to
scriptures from at least 9 translations. I've never read
such a complete book. I'll be reading and highlighting this
book again and again. WL
The Chapters:
•        Contents;         Introduction
•        This introduction covers the intentions of the book. It gives the direction and pathway that it
will follow.
   Chapter 1         A Greater Power
•        This chapter reveals the intentions of God and how He wants to use you. Even if you’ve fallen
short, it encourages you to hold on to the truth. It draws a line between the powerful and powerless
churches. It positions you into the fire you’ve been called to.
•        Chapter 2         Prayer
•        This covers prayer basics; our justification, why and how we should have total confidence in
our prayers.
•        Chapter 3        Our Calling
•        This confirms and explains the calling, the vision and provision of God. It instructs the vision
for unity and keeping company with good mentors for maturity and intimacy. It gives light on the
process spiritual boldness and maturity.
•        Chapter 4        The God Kind of Man
•        This shows through scripture how to live in the Spirit the way Jesus did as a man. It tells how to
build and maintain a reputation for the faith of others to rely on the Holy Spirit working in you. It
patterns His way of speaking, preaching, teaching and healing in detail and how to flow with the
resident power within us.
•        Chapter 5        Stumbling Blocks
•        This chapter covers the many stumbling blocks and old church sayings that people have that
keep them from receiving, or leaders teaching about miracles in detail. It shows how some have
misinterpreted scripture and gives line by line corrections. This ‘seed’ distinguisher reveals the
nature of God's will and also the plans of the enemy to hold us back from His provision.
•        Chapter 6         Instruments of War
•        This chapter reveals our heavenly identity and heavenly authority. It also shows the plans of the
enemy that we need to know. It reveals that the enemy knows we have authority over them.
•        Chapter 7         Dominion over Time
•        This chapter is to elevate you from healing to miracles. It contains the scriptures to increase
our faith for the immediacies of God.
•        Chapter 8        Dominion over Darkness
•        Here we look darkness from God’s perspective, His total dominion and how it applies to us. It
gives us a personal pathway of spiritual dominance.
•        Chapter 9         Dominion over Distance
•        Here we look at nature and space from God’s perspective, His total dominion and how it applies
to us. It relates to us the omniscience of God.
•        Chapter 10         Dominion over Death
•        This chapter shows how to raise people from the dead. It tells us what we need to do in
accordance with the biblical pattern and how to flow with the Spirit of God and feel natural doing it.
•        Chapter 11         Great Faith
•        This chapter builds faith to do greater works. It shows what we can expect from God and how
He backs up His Word with performance. It details how to ‘water’ our measure of faith we’ve been
•        Chapter 12         Miracles
•        This shows how to elevate our expectancy for miracles and be a minister with performance. It
will have you think like God and not like men.
•        Chapter 13         Intercession for God’s People
•        This chapter is on practical theology and shows the what, when, where why and how to  perform
miracles when praying and intercession with others. It includes preparing yourself, preparing others
and the unlimited ministry we have for the church today with specific examples.
•        Chapter 14         Creative Miracles
•        This chapter brings previous chapters together to flow with the faith of creative miracles. It
gives the meditation verses to give you the expectancy that someone can look into your eyes and
•        Chapter 15         Divine Health
•        This detailed chapter gives you the keys to a long and strong life according to the bible. It is the
scriptures ‘fountain of youth’
•        Chapter 16         Greater Works
•        The final chapter is your commissioning insight to begin or advance the process of doing
greater works for the Kingdom.
Greater Works; The Dominion of God.

If you are a Spirit filled minister that wants to build
your faith for miracles, if you are a believer that
wants to increase your faith, if you are a prayer
warrior and want to see more miracles in your life,
then this is your book.
Go from being a spectator to being spectacular for
the Kingdom of God and learn to put impossibilities
to shame with this inspirational how to guide for
doing greater works. Learn the process of
exercising your God given dominion over time,
distance, death and darkness. Find the keys to
divine health and creative miracles. Benefit from
decades of study and flowing in the anointing in
this book to encourage you and empowr you
towards a greater life for you and your circle of
This is your commission...
And How to Perform Miracles
by Jeff Lowe
John 14:12 NIV
I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in
me will do what I have been doing. He will
do even greater things than these, because I
am going to the Father.
John 14:12 KJV
Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that
believeth on me, the works that I do shall
he do also; and greater works than these
shall he do; because I go unto my Father
John 14:12 21st Century King James
Verily, verily I say unto you, he that
believeth in Me, the works that I do he shall
do also; and greater works than these shall
he do, because I go unto My Father
John 14:12 The Message Bible
The person who trusts me will not only do
what I'm doing but even greater things,
because I, on my way to the Father.
John 14:12 The Amplified Bible
I assure you, most solemnly I tell you, if anyone steadfastly
believes in Me, he will himself be able to do the things that I do;
and he will do even greater things than these, because I go to
the Father.
There is more relevant
biblical information in this
book than many put
together. The writing is
concise, but wastes no
time in directing you to
applicable scriptures to
ease into a life of miracles,
whether for you or
others. It is easy to read,
although some readers
not familiar with
scriptures may take longer
to grasp it, but the
scriptures quickly back up
what is being said.

There are a lot of answers
here to why some people
miss out on Godly
interventions, but this
book has the scriptures to
rescue those who are in
any error on either the
teaching end, or receiving
end. It also teaches how
to intercede for others
individually or whole
congregations. It walks
you through step by step
and gives you the
confidence you'll need to
do and expect things to
happen on a regular basis;
from simple headaches to
raising the dead.

Starting off by enforcing
the biblical idea of our
heavenly identity and
authority, the keys to the
kingdom are given in
practical, up to date
situations with recent
examples from the author
and others. It is written
as if the author is your
personal mentor and
encourager to make Jesus
famous and enhance the
Kingdom of God. It's
insightful, informative and
exciting to see a book
that will have you feel
good about what God is
doing through His people
today, but also have you
personally involved and
praying for the
opportunities to use the
revelation and knowledge
contained in it. Great
"Very impressive!" SJL

"I like your book!" Pastor
Wayne Chaney Antioch BC

"Great job! I loved it
immensely!" PK

"This book is awesome!
We are using it in our
bible study!" Pastor J.

"I liked it!"
B. Williams

"I am reading the book
(Greater Works) and i feel
the anointing and the
presence of God to open
my mind and taking me
from revelation to
revelation, God bless you
and preserve you in all
your ways for His kingdom
as you where a blessing to
Georgios Gerapetritis

"I'm still reading Jeff
Lowe's book, but this
observation is anything
but premature. We serve
an awesome God and
Jeff's book is a must read
for anyone who doesn't
want to settle for being a
mediocre Christian! Jeff
directs you to scripture
that reveals who God says
you are and what you can
do through Jesus Christ.
Most of us who believe
have yet to achieve our
full potential and Jeff's
book is a faith building
tool that instructs,
encourages and
empowers. God bless you!"